Product Sourcing

The Asia region has a humongous production base. However, when global buyers consider partnering with product manufacturers in Asia, they struggle to find the right balance between quality and price. In such cases, seeking assistance from a trustworthy sourcing agent can be immensely beneficial.

With SherBright, you can look forward to comprehensive and transparent services provided by professionals who look out for your best interest.



Once you have chosen the best fit supplier for your product, our team negotiate the best possible pricing and terms on your behalf.

Our team of supply chain management specialists, quality control engineers and factory auditors manage everything from start to finish of your product. They conduct multiple in-process inspections for quality assurance, performs a final inspection of your order prior to shipping and issues you the final detailed & personalized quality control report of your product.



Our logistics team handles all the documentation of product compliance, customs clearance, freight forwarding, shipping, from factory to your destination.


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