About Us

SherBright Solutions is a global product sourcing and manufacturing service company with factory partners in the U.S., China and India and other Asia markets. We specialize in sourcing existing products as well as bringing new product concepts to life by developing customized manufacturing plans to tailor your business needs, optimizing the supply chain, improving logistics and efficiency for companies. While allowing our customers to focus on their growth development and expansion of their organization.

Our high-quality global factory network is here to service your business needs by facilitating your idea or product from start to finish:

  • Product concept development
  • Engineering and design
  • Locate and qualify manufacturers
  • Send samples for your confirmation
  • Negotiate contracts, prices, NDAs on mass production
  • Monitor production progress with our quality control and compliance team
  • Freight logistics
  • Import/ Export customs clearance
  • Delivery and warehousing

Our services are flexible, allowing to use all our services, or just product sourcing or any combination of services that you may need for your business. Our products and categories are LED lighting fixtures, solar components, metal & plastics manufacturing. Currently, we supply PPE products due to high demand in the marketplace.

SherBright Solutions is ready to bring all your visions to life by expanding your product line. Our goal is to provide you with global sourcing’s highest quality products, cost savings, on-time delivery, supply chain efficiency, consistency, and reliability. While mitigating and eliminating risks and uncertainties of overseas purchasing in order to assist you to increase your competitiveness locally and globally. Let us help you turn your product ideas into reality.

Our values

As a product sourcing company our values are focused on three key areas:

  • Ensuring the products, we supply safe and legally compliant
  • Buying from an ethical supply chain
  • Creating sustainable product solutions

Our Mission

Everyone within our business understands our mission and the role each and everyone of us plays in achieving it. It means we don’t just come to work to do a job, we come to work to make a difference. Our mission is…

To make the process of sourcing and managing shipping and logistics services simple, efficient, stress-free, and cost-effective. We do this by providing a friendly, efficient and personalized service combined with innovative sourcing solutions that enable our customers to always be in control of their supply chains.