Initial Production Check

We thoroughly inspect raw materials, review preparation for production, and corroborate in-house quality control processes.

The importance of product quality control cannot be emphasized enough.

Identifying and fixing quality issues before mass production begins saves time, money, and effort by eliminating the need for rework.

Based out of China, we perform an exhaustive inspection of your supplier’s raw materials to identify underlying quality concerns. This process typically starts several weeks before your shipment is due, so we can ensure the high quality and timely delivery of your goods.

Initial production inspection or pre-production inspection (PPI) entails the on-site evaluation of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, and production capacity in the initial stage of the production. This process includes the inspection of raw materials before production until 20% of the order is completed.

How Does SherBright Perform the Initial Production Inspection in China?

SherBright Initial Production Check (IPC) in China involves randomly sampling your goods according to the internationally accepted standard ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1). This is followed by a quality inspection of selected finished/semi-finished products. In addition, we also check the availability and condition of raw materials, conformity of finished products, and production progress.

The factors considered in an IPC include:

  • Production schedule
  • Raw material
  • Workmanship
  • Finished quantity
  • Style & colors
  • Artworks & labels
  • Dimensions & weight
  • Tests (including tests on product function, performance, durability and safety)
  • Client’s requirements

Why You Need Initial Production Inspection Service in China

IPC ensures the style, details, labelling, and quality of products fulfil every expectation during the initial stage of production. Our in-depth PPI inspection in China also validates the product’s compliance, ensuring that it is safe for use. An early quality estimate helps effectively control potential quality risks during production and in the supply chain.