Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Being a Responsible Sourcing Company

Being a responsible business comes from the top of The Sourcing Team, and it’s a commitment we have had since we established the business. We want to do things differently; looking at the materials we use, how and where they are sourced, and looking carefully at those individuals involved in producing our goods. We care about both our impact on the people around the world producing our goods and that impact has on the environment.

SherBright is engaged in delivering on these commitments: to buy ethically; to provide only safe and compliant promotional products and to find or create more sustainable solutions to help our client’s global footprint.

Being a Responsible Business is part of our DNA – this passion comes from our business experiences over the last 10+ years, which is what makes it so meaningful to us! The product industry is one that typically produces low-cost products from high-risk markets around the world.  Our curiosity and passion to learn more, do things better, and drive change is what our clients love about us.

How do we do this?

From the outset, we live our values. It takes a lot of work and commitment – and sometimes, it means we have to say no to business opportunities.  We only work with the suppliers who have been through our due diligence process and who do the right thing.