Caveat emptor – buyer beware!

Compliance means different things to different people and differs depending on the area you are involved in – be it compliance from a legal, financial, US, or product quality perspective. Here we are focused on the compliance of all products we source Ensuring they are legal, compliant with US safety regulations. And, if we are shipping to other markets, as confirmed by our clients we ensure our products are compliant with the market they are intended to be used in.

General product safety directive – US rules on product safety are defined in this directive. Essentially, under the directive, a product is safe if it meets all the statutory safety requirements under US law.

Where there are no regulations or US standards then the product compliance is determined according to other reference documents such as national standards, Commission recommendations, codes of practice.

It is the responsibility of businesses and authorities to ensure their products are safe for sale, even if it is a promotional product and used in some kind of marketing campaign – product compliance still follows the same rules.